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Review of Units 13 to 19

Book 1 – Review 13 to 19




play, usually, pain, matter, leg, friends, where, stadium, too, son

1-Fill in the gaps with a word from the box.

Doctor: What's the  , Paul?
Paul: Well Doc. I have a   in my   and I can't   football.
Doctor: How often do you   football?
Paul: I   play with my   on weekends.
Doctor:   do you play?
Paul: Pacaembu   .
Doctor: Really! My   plays there   .

2-Your Family Tree – Fill in the boxes below with personal information:

I have  GrandParents
Their names are  
I have    uncles and    aunts
Their names are  
I have    brothers and    sisters
Their names are  
My father’s name is  
My mother’s name is  
My brother has    children
My sister has    children
I have    children
My brother’s children and my children are  
I am the    of my brother’s children
My brother’s children are my       

3-Answer these questions (long answers):

1. Where do you live (house/apartment)?

2. How many bedrooms are there?

3. Where do you cook?

4. Where is the T.V.?

5. Is the bathroom next to the bedroom?

6. Is there a garage?

7. A swimming pool?

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