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UNIT 13: In the Shop

Book 1 – Unit 13


clothes, children, pants, shirt,
shoes, pairs, total, cost,
here, each, shop, price


how much? how many? some

great! of course

In the Shop

Mother: Excuse me, can you help us? I want to buy some clothes for my children.
Assistant: Of course, What do you need?
Mother: I want some pants, shirts and shoes.
Assistant: How many?
Mother: Two pairs of pants, two shirts, and two pairs of shoes.
Assistant: Here they are!
Mother: Great! How much are they?
Assistant: The pants are ten reais each, the shirts are five reais each and the shoes are fifteen each. The total cost is sixty reais.
Mother: How much?
Assistant: Sixty reais.
Mother: Thanks for your help.

Repeat 3 times

1-Answer the questions below:

1. Where are they?

2. What does she want?


3. How many pants does she buy?

4. How much is one pair of shoes?

5. How much is the total price?

6. How many shoes does she want to buy?

7. How much are the shirts?

2-Answer the questions

6 notebooks R$ 2 each (price)
How much are the notebooks?

How many notebooks are there?

2 pairs of pants (quantity)
How many pairs of pants are there?

3 pencils 10 cents each
How much are the pencils?

How many pencils are there?

1 shirt R$ 5
How much is the shirt?

How many shirts are there?

1 pair of shoes at R$ 20 per pair
How much is the pair of shoes?

How many pairs are there?

3-What are the questions for the following answers?

1.  ?
It costs ten reais.

2.   ?
They cost twenty reais.

3.   ?
There are five students in the class.

4.   ?
I study English ten hours a week.

5.   ?
We have class two times a week.

6.   ?
My book costs twenty five reais.

7.   ?
A pizza costs ten reais.

4-Unscramble the sentences.

1. appointment/dentist/a/have/you/do/month/this? 

2. shirts/have/do/you/how/many?

3. is/book/much/your/how?

4. clothes/what's/cost/total/the/of/your? 

5. vacation/days/many/do/have/you/how/for?

6. many/hours/how/work/you/do/week/per?

7. money/do/have/you/much/how? 

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