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UNIT 13: Saturday Morning

Book 2 – Unit 13



buddy, pal, skateboard, skaters,
space, anymore, chess, draughts,
cards, Ferris wheel

ended up, checked out

Saturday Morning

Last Saturday morning my buddy and I went to the skateboard arena. But when we got there, it was already too busy. There were too many skaters and there wasn't enough space. It was also very hot, so, we didn't skate. I told my pal that either we skate or we swim. He had a good video he wanted to watch, so, we ended up doing neither. We went to his house and checked out Matrix 3 until noon. It's a really cool movie. Then we had a very tasty lunch. After that, we were both too tired to think about skating anymore.

Ex. 1 - Answer with True or False:

1. It wasn't too busy at the skateboard arena.

2. They went for a swim.

3. They watched a movie until midday.

4. They didn't go skating later.

Ex. 2 - Answer some more questions:

1. Why didn't they skate at the arena?

2. What else did they think about?

3. Where did they go after the arena?

4. When did they skate?

Ex. 3 - Put the words in the box in the correct gaps.

 So, very, neither/nor, either/or, too, enough

1. I didn't decide yet. I'll  swim   play football.

2. The test will be hard   I must study a lot.

3. Last night I was   tired to study.

4.   the movie   the book were interesting.

5. Yesterday the temperature was over 30º. It was   hot.

6. The party last night wasn't   good. There weren't   hotdogs.

7. There wasn't   time to watch   the movie   the TV program.

Ex. 4 - Hobbies. Use the same words in the box from Ex. 3.

e.g. Skate boarding is nº 1 for me. I like it very much.

1. Sky diving looks   exciting. I want to try it.

2. I don't like   chess   draughts.

3. The roller coaster is   exciting for me. I prefer the Ferris Wheel.

4.   dominoes   card games interest me.

5.   of us watch much TV. We both prefer reading.

6. I like swimming   much. It's   relaxing, but when the weather is   cold I don't go.

Ex. 5 - Talk to your partner about hobbies. Use so, very, too, enough.

For example: I never went on a jetski. It looks so exciting, but it's too expensive.

Bungee jumping  
Roller skating  
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