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UNIT 9: The Weekend

Book 2 – Unit 9


will, (will not),
won't rain, worry

maybe, weatherman, just,
hot, weather, wrong,
souvenir, myself, yourself, especially

don't worry,
what's happening?,
no problem, I'm broke

This Weekend

Phillip: What'll you do this weekend?
Claudia: I don't know, maybe I'll travel to the beach.
Phillip: Where will you go?
Claudia: I think I'll go to Rio.
Phillip: What's happening there?
Claudia: Nothing special, just the beach, the sun, the hot weather!
Phillip: The weatherman said it'll rain this weekend.
Claudia: No problem! They're always wrong. I'm sure it won't.
Phillip: You're right. Will you go with friends?
Claudia: No, I won't. I'll travel by myself.
Phillip: By yourself? Do you like to travel by yourself?
Claudia: Sometimes I like to travel by myself.
Phillip: So do I, especially when I'm broke.
Claudia: Don't worry, I'll bring you back a souvenir.
Phillip: Thanks, and have a good trip.


Ex. 1- Answer with True or False:

1. Claudia will go to Guarujá at the weekend.

2. The weatherman said it won't rain this weekend.

3. The weathermen are always right.

4. Claudia always likes to travel by herself.

Ex. 2 - More questions.

1. Will Claudia go to a beach party?

2. Will she go by herself?

3. Is Philip broke?

4. Will Claudia bring Phillip a present?

Ex. 3 - Fill the gaps.

1. I  go to São Paulo on the bus tomorrow, by    .

2. Phillip    likes to travel by himself especially when he is    .

3. Next vacation I    go to the beach.

4. I usually study in my bedroom. I prefer to study by    .

5. Do you prefer to study by    ?

6. I don't need any help, I can do it by    .

7.    I bring it to your house or can you take it    ?

Ex. 4 - More gaps to fill.

design, paint, pay


I              Me            Myself
You           You           Yourself
He           Him           Himself
She          Her            Herself
It            It               Itself
We           Us        Ourselves
You           You      Yourselves
They        Them      Themselves

St. A: You've got a nice house.
Did you build it    ?

St. B: Thanks, I didn't build it    , but I made the design.

St. A: Will you paint it    ?

St. B: I don't have time, but my son    do it because he    be on vacation from school next week.

St. A: How much    you pay him?

St. B: Nothing. The more jobs we do    , the more money we    have for vacations.

Ex. 5 - Roleplay

Paula: What's happening this weekend Pedro?
Pedro: There's a party in the Ituano Club.
Paula: That's great!
Pedro: But I'm broke...
Paula: Don't worry. I'll give you some money.
Pedro: Thanks a lot!
Paula: No problem.

Now practice in pairs. (Don't forget to change the event).

"Nothing on earth can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal..."

Thomas Jefferson
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