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UNIT 20: What would you do?

Book 2 – Unit 20


folks, exclusive, lottery, phone lines,
receive, retire, program, prize,
take over, clown, come in

have got = have

what would you do if ... ?

What would you do?

Good afternoon Folks! It´s Radio City here with an exclusive report on the lottery. Our phone lines are open to receive your calls. Our number is 40232355. Call now!

Caller #1: Hello. Is that Radio City?
Presenter: Yep, and I´d like to know what you would do if you won the Lottery?
Caller #1: I´d retire, I´d buy a farm and I´d travel around the world.
Presenter: Good answer, now who have we got on the other line?
Caller #2: Hello Renato, I love your program...
Presenter: Thanks I appreciate it. What would you do if you won first prize in the Lottery?
Caller #2: I´d buy Radio City and take over your show.
Presenter: Ha ha ha ha! We´ve got a joker on the line. Come in caller #3....

Ex. 1 - AAnswer with True or False:

1. The show´s number is 40233315.
2. The first caller would buy a car and a house.
3. The second caller prefers Ratinho´s show.
4. The presenter is worried about his job.

Ex. 2 - More questions:

1. What´s the show´s number?

2. What would the first caller buy?
[lesson-inline"He´d buy a farm"]

3. Does caller #2 like the show?
[lesson-inline"Yes. Because he´d like to take it over"]

How do you know?

4. Why does Renato call the second caller a clown?
[lesson-inline"Because his idea shouldn´t be taken seriously"]

Ex. 3 - Describe your reaction to these situations:

What would you do if ... ?
e.g. your car was robbed?
I´d phone the police

was robbed, wallet, world cup,
valentine card, graduate with honors

1. What would you do if you found a wallet?

2. What would you do if Brazil won the next World Cup?

3. What would you do if you received a job offer from a multinational company?

4. What would you do if you lost your job?

5. What would you do if you got a new job in Hawaii?

6. What would you do if you ate too much Pizza?

7. What would you do if you graduated with honors?

Ex. 4 - Unscramble these sentences.

1. the/ weekend/ to/ next/ I´d/ like/ beach/ go/ to

2. like/ help/ homework/ to/ you/ your/ with/ I´d/ can´t/ but/ I

3. travel/ this/ month/ but/ money/ don´t/ I´d / have / I

4. like/ work/ Radio City/ I´d/ to/ on

5. Radio City/ like/ you/ would/ work/ on/ to?

6. station/ radio/ my/ favorite/ is/ Radio City

7. popular/ TV/ is/ which/ more/ radio/ or?

Ex. 5 - Correct these sentences, if necessary.

1. Like you to eat ice cream?

2. I like to go to Florida next week.

3. I´d like to buy a computer bur I don´t have any money

4. I like to listen to the radio.

5. He´d like to watch the TV tonight but he must study.

6. She like to be a famous singer.

7. They hate to fail the test so they will study tonight.

8. We like to go now because the task is finished.

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