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UNIT 4: In The Restaurant

Book 2 – Unit 4




Smoking / non smoking,
seats, cokes, menu, anything,
medium, rare, well done,
hamburger, pasta, steak,
ice cream, soup, salad,
dessert, chocolate




Expressions:That's right
This way, please
Would you like...?
What would you like...?
How would you like...?
Can I have...?
Can you bring...?
Anything else?



In the Restaurant





Waiter: Good evening. Table for three?
Customer: Yes, that's right.
Waiter: Smoking or non-smoking?
Customer: Non-smoking.
Waiter: This way, please...(customers take their seats)
Would you like anything to drink?
Customer: Yes. Can you bring us three cokes, please?
Waiter: Sure, and would you like to order?
Customer: Can I see the menu?
Waiter: I'm sorry, here it is.
Customer: I'd like a hamburger, she'd (wife) like a steak and he'd (son) like a pasta.
Waiter: Soup or salad?
Customer: Three soups, please.
Waiter: How would you like the steak? Rare, medium or well done?
Wife: Medium, please.
Waiter: What would you like for dessert?
Son: I'd like a big chocolate ice cream.
Waiter: Anything else?
Customer: No, thanks.

Ex. 1 - Answer with True or False:

1. There are four customers.

2. They are smokers.

3. They drink water.

4. She wants her steak medium.

5. They don't want soup.

6. The son wants ice cream.  


Ex. 2 - Answer these questions:

1. How many people were there?

2. Did they smoke?

3. What did the man order?

4. What did they drink before the meal?

5. Who wanted ice cream?

6. When did they drink?

7. Where are they?


Ex. 3 - Look at this example from the text. Practise in pairs Asking and Ordering.

Would you like to order?
I´d like .

Would you like to order?
I´d like 

Ex. 4 - More substituition. What would you like?

1. What would you like to drink? (beer)
I´d like a beer.

2.   watch? (cinema)
I´d like to 

3.   drive? (cars)
I´d like to 

4.   go? (social)
I´d like to 

Ex. 5 - How would you like to pay?

1. How would you like to pay?
I´d like to pay by cheque.

2.   go/travel ?
by car.

Ex. 6 - Where would you like .....? (live)

1. Where would you like to live ?
I´d like to live in

2.   ? (visit)

3.   ? (work)

4.   ? (study)

Ex. 7 - Unscramble these sentences:

1. like/pizza/please/I'd.

2. order/like/you/would/to?


3. like/vacation/I'd/have/to/Guarujá/in/a.

4. coke/can/bring/you/me/a/please?

5. live/where/you/like/to/would?

6. study/you/where/like/to/would?

7. Go/you/like/how/to/would?

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