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UNIT 10: Job Requirements

Book 2 – Unit 10



Must = have = need to
Should = (advice)
Don't need = not necessary

education, necessary, honest,
responsible, prepared to,
familiar with, hard,
friendly, co-workers, tie



Job Requirements




How to Get a Good Job

Things you must have
1. To get a good job you must have an education.
2. You must be prepared to work hard to get the necessary experience.
3. You must be honest and responsible.

Things you should have
1. You should speak a second language.
2. You should be familiar with computer programs.
3. You should be friendly to customers and co-workers.

Things you don't need
1. You don't have to be very intelligent.
2. You don't have to wear a tie to have a good job.
3. You don't have to work every weekend.


Ex. 1 - Answer with True or False:

1. You don't need an education to get a good job.

2. You must be very intelligent to get a good job.

3. To get a job you don't need a second language.

4. To get a good job you must work at the weekends.

Ex. 2 - Some more questions:

1. Do you have to wear a tie to have a good job?

2. Say one thing you should have to get a good job.

3. Say something you don't need to be to have a good job.

4. What qualities do you need to have for any job?

Ex. 3 - Put the words in the box in the correct place:

1. To buy a car you [lesson-inline"must / need to / have to"] have money.

2. To be happy you [lesson-inline"don´t have to / don´t need to be rich "]  to be rich.

3. I'm sick. I [lesson-inline"should / must "]  go to the doctor.

4. To learn English you [lesson-inline"should "]  always do your homework.

5. To pass your exams you [lesson-inline"must / have to / need to "]  study.

6. To have friends you [lesson-inline"should "]  be friendly.

7. You [lesson-inline"mustn´t"]  drive after you drink.

8. You [lesson-inline"don´t have to / don´t need to / needn´t"]  wear a tie for a teacher's job.

Ex. 4 - Bill will go to The States next week.

What things must/ should/ needn't Bill bring?
Fill the blanks with one of these words:
must, mustn´t, should, shoudn´t, need, needn´t

Example: Passport --> He must bring a passport.

Dictionary  [lesson-inline""]
Credit cards [lesson-inline""]
Jacket [lesson-inline"Bill should bring a jacket"]
CD Walkman [lesson-inline"Bill shouldn’t bring a CD Walkman"]
Aspirin [lesson-inline""]
Money [lesson-inline""]
Pen [lesson-inline""]
Magazines [lesson-inline"Bill needn’t bring magazines"]
Drugs [lesson-inline""]

Ex. 5- Look at the professions below and say what you must/ should/ needn't have:

e.g. To be a doctor you must study medicine

1. To be a teacher you must [lesson-inline"study"]

2. To be a teacher you needn't [lesson-inline"be pretty"]

3. To be a soccer player you should [lesson-inline"practice"]

4. To be a movie star you should [lesson-inline"be beautiful"]

5. To be a pop star you needn't [lesson-inline"wear long hair"]

6. To be a TV presenter you must [lesson-inline"speak well"]

7. To be a grandparent you should [lesson-inline"love your grandchildren"]


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