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UNIT 15: Doctor´s Appointment

Book 1 – Unit 15


head, throat, face, chest, mouth, arm,
hand, stomach, leg, foot, pills, pain,
sore, wrong, headache, stomachache.

hurt, eat, feel, open,
come, see, should

what's the matter?
How do you feel?
Take care

Doctor's Appointment

Doctor: So Carlos, what's the matter?
Carlos: I don't know doctor, I don't feel well.
Doctor: What's wrong, exactly?
Carlos: I have a headache, a sore throat and a pain in my chest.
Doctor: Let's see, open your mouth and say aah! O.K. Now your chest, does it hurt here? Or here?
Carlos: It hurts everywhere doctor!
Doctor: Are you eating and sleeping well?
Carlos: I'm eating well, but I'm sleeping badly.
Doctor: O .K. Take two of these pills three times a day. Come and see me next Friday.
Carlos: Thanks Doc.
Doctor: Take care.

Repeat 3 times

1-Answer the questions below:

1.How does Carlos feel?

2. Does he have a sore leg?

3. Is he eating and sleeping well?

4. Does he have a headache?

5. Does he have a sore throat?

6. How many pills should Carlos take per day?

7. When should Carlos come to see him again?

2-Unscramble the sentences

1. headache/have/I/a. 


2. pain/I/leg/have/a/in/my

3. three/pills/take/times/two/a/day

4. sleeping/and/eating/you/are well?

5. you/are/feeling/how/today?


6. matter/is/what/the?


7. does/hurt/it/where?

3-Correct these sentences.

1. does you feel well?

2. do she feel well today?

3. does they visit the doctor often?

4. I has a headpain doctor.


5. I no feel good doctor.


6. I is hungry.


7. he have a pain in he stomach.


4-Write the questions for these answers.

1.  ?
Yes, I'm eating well every day.

2.    ?
I have a headache and a sore throat.

3.    ?
It hurts everywhere, Doctor

4.    ?
He doesn't feel well.

5.    ?
Yes, I'm taking pills three times a day.

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