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UNIT 15: Fat Family

Book 2 – Unit 15



feet & inches
meters & cms

broke down
hitch hike
how heavy are you?
how tall are you?
how far is it?

Poor Fat Family has a problem. They were on the road when their truck crashed into a tree! Fortunately nobody was hurt but they need to get to Campinas, for a concert. They are hitch hiking but no one will give them a ride. Why? Because they're too fat, and too big. They're not too tall but they are too heavy. It's too far to walk because it's 300kms away.

Ex. 1 - Answer with True or False:

1. Their truck broke down.

2. They have a concert in Sorocaba.

3. They are waiting for a ride.

4. The city is 100kms away.

Ex. 2 - More questions:

1. What stopped their journey?

2. Where should the concert be?

3. Why can't they get a ride?

4. Why don't they walk?

Ex. 3 - Fill in the form:

Your weight: 
Your height:  

Now ask your partner for their statistics.

How  are you? I'm 70 kilos
How  are you? I'm 1m 49cms

Ex. 4 - Put the words below in the correct columns.

Tall, high, long, heavy, far, length, near, light, short


Ex. 5 - Put the correct words in the gaps.

1. My friend thinks she is too  but she only  70 kilos.

2. The Empire State Building is now the  in New York.

3. Bob is almost 2ms.  .

4. London Bridge isn't very  . It is famous for it's age, not its 

5. How  is it to Ubatuba? It's  than Rio.

6. It's a  from São Paulo to Rio, but it's a  distance from Itu to Salto.

7. Shimano bicycles are  because they are made from aluminium. Iron bikes are much  .

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