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UNIT 3: Rock Concert in Rio

Book 2 – Unit 3


Terrific, pm/am, bands,
boys/girls, what a shame,
get hurt, guards, them,
take (sb) away, college,
tomorrow, right

Past tense: statement

I went to Rio


I didn´t go to Rio


Did you go to Rio?

Rock Concert in Rio

The phone rings

Tanya: Hello, is Amanda there?
Dad: Who's speaking?
Tanya: This is Tanya.
Dad: Just a moment.
Amanda: Hi Tanya! What's up?
Tanya: I went to Rock in Rio last Friday.
Amanda: Wow! How was it?
Tanya: It was terrific!
Amanda: What time did it start?
Tanya: It started at 2pm.
Amanda: How many bands did you watch?
Tanya: I tried to watch them all, but I was too tired. I slept for two hours.
Amanda: What did you eat and how much did you drink?
Tanya: I ate two hamburgers, but I didn't drink very much.
Amanda: Did you like it?
Tanya: The music was cool, but some boys started a fight near me.
Amanda: Oh, what a shame! Did they get hurt?
Tanya: I don't think so. The guards took them away.
Amanda: Did it continue long?
Tanya: It continued for 15 minutes.
Amanda: Which bands did you prefer?
Tanya: The Rolling Stones and U2. They were fantastic.
Amanda: I need to go now, but can we meet tomorrow? I want to know more.
Tanya: Sure. See you at college tomorrow.
Amanda: Right. 'Bye.
Tanya: See you

Ex. 1 - Answer with True or False:

1. Tanya went to Rock in Rio

2. Tanya ate a hot dog.

3. Amanda liked U2.

4. They don't go to school together.

Ex. 2 - Answer these questions:

1. Did Amanda phone Tanya?

2. Did Tanya go to Rock in Rio?

3. Where did Amanda go?

4. What did Tanya eat/drink?

5. Who had a fight?

6. How long did the fight continue?

7. Who took them away?

8. Did she drink a lot?

9. Why did she sleep?

10. What were her favorite bands?

11. Are they at college together?

Ex. 3 - Roleplay with a partner about a music show/concert you went to.

Example: A: Did you go to a concert last year?
B: Yes. I went to Rock in Varvito

Ask how it was.  ?

Many/ bands/ play   ?

Your/ favorite/ band   ?

Long/ show/ continue   ?

Ex. 4 - Practise this phone conversation:

A: Hello. Is   there?
B: Who's speaking?
B: Just a moment, please.
A: Hello,   here.
.... (invent your dialog)



A: See you.
C: OK, Bye.

Ex. 5 - Unscramble:

1. in/ Rio/ we/ go/ didn't/ to/ Rock.

2. went/ we/ to/ Varvito/ Rock/ in.

3. we/ go/ did/ Rio/ to?

4. Amanda/ Rock/ in/ Rio/ go/ didn't/ to.

5. went/ Tanya/ Rio/ Rock/ in/ to.

6. good/ are/ friends/ they?

7. go/ they/ school/ together/ to.

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