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Review of Units 7 to 12

Book 1 – Review 7 to 12




1-Fill the blank spaces below

Dear Antonio,
I'm on a farm (near / far / in)  the sea. I have many friends here and we (always / never)   play football, (rarely / sometimes / many)   we play on the beach. We (sleep / get up / tired)   at 6 o'clock and (eat / drink / have)   breakfast at 7 o'clock. The
(menu / favorite / pizza)   is good, I like the food (in / on / out)   the restaurant but I rarely eat beans or pizza. There (is / are / aren't)   lots of things to do and lots of leisure time. The farm has many (sheep / ship / sheeps)   and horses. There are trees in front of the house and the sea is behind. I'm never late (because / why / where)   I don't have any (jobs / appointments / dinner)   with doctors or dentists or work. I hope you can come next (year / weekend / month)   The directions are: (take / get up / under)   the Park road and (stop / continue along / behind)   for 3 kilometers (until / before / between)   you reach the traffic lights. Then you (on / turn left / in front of)   and at the next corner left again.. (go along / continue along / stop)   until you see the stadium on the right and (on / in / after )   the stadium turn right and you arrive there.
See you on Friday,

2-Answer the following questions:

1. What food do you like most?

2. What do usually eat for breakfast?

3. What time do you always get up during the week?

4. How do you go to work?

5. What's your favorite T.V. program?

6. What time do you eat lunch?

7. When do you study English?

8. What time is it now?

9. Do you have the time?

10. How often do you go to the movies?

3-Exercise 3

streets  look at the map 
1. How can I get from Independéncia Square (Carmo Sq.) to Dom
Pedro Sq.?

2. How do you go from Santa Rita Street to the corner of Patricínio
St. and Dr. José Elias St.?

3. I'm at the Health center. How can I get to Dom Pedro Square?

4. How can I get from City Hall to the bus station?

5. How many blocks are there on the map along Floriano Peixoto St.?

6. You are in Independence Sq. at 'X' you go along Barão de Itaim St. to Padre Miguel Sq. Continue along Paulo Souza St. for two blocks. Where are you now?

7. You are on the corner of Floriano and 21 de Abril St. You go left for one block, left again for one block. Next turn right and go along for one block and turn left again At the first corner turn left. When
you reach the next corner where are you?


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